Sunday, February 5, 2012

Custom Bride Doll

One of my very favorite customers recently commissioned an art doll from me for her red-headed doll collection. This doll will be a bride with an ivory satin dress with a tiered skirt. Her name is Cecelia.

I've been feeling a little bit stumped on which of several methods and ideas I have to construct the layers of the skirt. Isn't it funny how sometimes too many ideas can hold you back more than too few ideas?

However, I have completely constructed the doll herself, and I'm very happy with her pretty auburn wedding hair. I've also got her tulle underskirt underway, and this is going to make all the difference in how the wedding dress hangs. We're going poofy, people!

Here is an in progress shot. She's 18 inches tall, for an idea of scale. More to come!

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