Monday, November 5, 2012

Plush You! At Schmancy in Seattle

A few weeks ago I had the honor of attending the opening reception for the Plush You! art show that included three pieces of my work: a dapper fox fellow and two dolls. See?
You can't tell in this picture, but the red-haired doll has a tiny felt camera around her neck!

This is an annual show, where about 50 plush artists are selected from hundreds of applicants from around the world. To say I was humbled and honored to have been included is an understatement!

Schmancy is a beautiful shop.

It was such a great experience. My friend Wendy made the drive to Seattle with me, and we enjoyed meeting Kristen, the owner of Schmancy and organizer of Plush You!, as well as several of the artists, including Jenny Smith from LA, Kata from Boston, and Rowan Hellyer, who is British, but travelled all the way from Bosnia!

Lots of adoring plush fans at the reception!

The opening reception was great. Visiting with other artists and plush fans was so refreshing! A whole room full of people who get and appreciate plush and stuffed objects! Seeing the selected works in person was a treat. Such variety! Creepy, cute, bizarre, gorgeous, endearing; from exquisitely complex to sweetly simple, the works truly ran the spectrum.

See my friend Abby Glassenberg's blue octopus, shark, and snake (upper left)? She wasn't able to attend from Massachusetts, but it was great to see her work in person!

Here I am near my foxy and little ladies.

It was a wonderful experience!  Anyone in the Seattle area, or who loves plush, should make a point to attend next year!

(All photos, except the first one and the last one, are courtesy of Kristen Rask by permission [via her Instagram account @schmancytoys], as I was having too much fun talking to the plush people, and forgot to take pictures! The first and last picture are courtesy of my friend Wendy Decker. Thanks, ladies!)

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