Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun feedback from custom doll client

I recently received this neat email from a customer for whom I made some custom dolls based on characters from the "Artemis Fowl" books:

"Just have to let you know that I took my daughter to meet the author or the Artemis Fowl books, Eoin Colfer, recently. She took her Artemis and Holly dolls, and when it was our turn to meet him and have him sign her books, he[...]caught sight of the dolls and said, 'Is that Artemis and Holly?!'

He called for a camera from one of his entourage, and took a picture of her with the dolls! That was an awesome moment for her.

Thanks again for the beautiful dolls. [My daughter] loves them and is planning their wedding."

That was so fun to hear! It makes me feel good that my customer was so proud of her dolls that she brought them along to meet the author, AND that the creator of the characters approved of my renditions.

I had made the doll of Artemis (the boy character) at Christmas, and as I was looking for a picture to show you, I realized that was one of the dolls in the batch from Christmas that didn't get photographed before I sent them out! Bummer! No picture.

But the doll I made for the daughter's birthday is the character Holly, who is a fairy. I do have a picture of her, and here she is: 
Note her winged backpack! That was really fun to design and make. I was so excited when I found the scrap of fabric that I used for the wings. It was just what I had in mind. 

I really need to get reading these books, I think!


  1. Rachel, what a great story! I love that Eoin Colfer got to see his character in soft doll format--how cool!

    1. Thanks, Shannon! I thought it was pretty cool, too. Glad he seemed to approve!