Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some new dolls

I recently finished a large batch of dolls. They were such a fun bunch to do! Here's a picture of them in-progress:

  I posted some in my Etsy shop and took some in to Green Chutes, the artist co-op that I'm a member of.

Can you tell I'm starting to pine for fall? These dolls are dressed how I'm longing to dress. In rich, saturated colors and calm earthy colors; in warm cozy sweaters and jackets, with thick colorful leggings. 

Here are the ones I took in to Green Chutes (the three on the left of the top shelf and the three on the left on the second shelf.) 

Here is my entire current display at Green Chutes currently. (Sorry for the blurry pic.)

I've been working hard at getting it just right and I recently painted this bookshelf and brought it in, as well as designed and painted the sign. To be honest, my sales at GC just haven't been what they were once upon a time there, so I've been trying to adjust things to be more eye catching if I can. I'm afraid I won't be able to stay at Green Chutes much longer, because the price of membership just isn't being offset enough by my sales for it to be worth my while (and worth my time as each member has a time commitment that much be fulfilled working at the shop each month). I'm sad to have to contemplate leaving, but I'm excited about some new prospects I'm looking into! Stay tuned for those.

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