Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vintage Quilts

There is just something about sleeping under a handmade quilt. All of the care and love that went into making it somehow soothes the soul and lulls you into the sweetest sleep.

I have an amazing handmade quilt that my husband and I have had on our bed for a few months now. It is a quilt that my paternal grandmother bought in the town of Orderville, Utah as a tourist because she thought it was beautiful. She then later gave it to my mom, only to find out that Orderville was where my mom's Grandma's folks were from! Here it is on my bed.

I love to just lay on my bed and explore the different scraps that were used. 
On a recent trip to Iowa to visit my husband's parents, I talked to his mom about some lovely quilts on the guest bed. Turns out they were handmade by my husband's paternal grandmother. This first one is a "postage stamp" quilt. The little squares are literally the size of postage stamps. I just can't fathom doing this entire quilt by hand. 

And this one was in the same guest room as an extra blanket in case we were cold. It is hand quilted and cross-stitched. 
Needless to say, I sleep well when I'm in Iowa. Something about all those hours of loving dedication make for long hours of peaceful slumber. Do you have any favorite quilts?

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