Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The New Idaho Indie Works Shop!

Well, things have been quiet here on the Hen and Chick blog because I have been crazy  busy with my latest big venture! The amazing crafters from the local Etsy street team that I have been participating in for about a year, Idaho Indie Works, has just opened an actual brick and mortar store in downtown Boise!

Ask any of us, and you'll find we're quite astounded to be where we are right now. At the end of January, our president Millie Hilgert sent out an email saying, hmmm, what if we opened a store? So many people were hip to the idea that we started talking about it seriously, looking in earnest at locations, and were knocked-on-our-butts thrilled to find an affordable location available in the Pioneer Tent Building! Yes, THAT Pioneer Tent Building, the one where we throw a craft fair every first Thursday of the month, where all of our loyal followers already know where to find us! At 6th and Main in downtown Boise.
So we painted walls, painted furniture, bought shelving, and put our wares on those shelves. Sara McClaran, Aimee Nord, and many more really put in the hours and the muscle. (See the Idaho Indie Works blog for a full list of members!)

Here are a few pictures of my own items in the shop (taken by and used with permission of Crissie McDowell):
My red-headed doll, and red velvet owl.
One of my lovely baby slings made from recycled materials.

Our first day open for business was for First Thursday, March 4th. But don't worry, you didn't miss out. That was our soft opening. And though we are going at full swing, we will be having our grand opening celebration on First Thursday, April 1st! In addition to the boutique, there will be dozens of artists showing and selling their amazing creations, including members of Idaho Indie Works who are participating in the boutique, as well as those who aren't. Talk about a variety of arts and crafts! We will have music, food, wine, and a raffle. It will seriously be the place to be on April Fool's Night. So come check out the Little Team Who Could, and see what can happen in 40 days when 21 amazingly creative people get an idea and bring it to fruition!

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