Monday, January 18, 2010

Fabulous Tutorial and Fabric Finds

Need a new dress, but strapped for cash? Well, if you have an old tee shirt, a bit of yardage, and some scraps here or there, Alexis from My Mama Made It can show you how to make one. Isn't it fantastic? See her beautiful tutorial for step by step instructions with TONS of helpful pictures.

I've been doing a lot of thrift store scouring lately with some fantastic results in the fabric finds department. Here are just a few in browns that looks so pretty together. The first one is just a brown cotton, but with a teeny tiny, old-fashioned little flower pattern on it. The second is a pretty buttery brown vinyl (I see some little brown doll boots in my future!). And the third is a pretty brown corduroy with teal and purple daisies. The print on this one is a little large for doll clothes, so I'm not sure what it will become. Any suggestions?

Speaking of fabric, you know about, right? It is an amazing site where you can make your own custom fabric. Or browse and buy other's custom made fabric. My sister Shannon and I made the fabric for my tiny dollhouses using Spoonflower, which was such a fun project. Anyway, this week, Spoonflower is having a toile contest. Here is my favorite, the Alice in Wonderland Toile by Star Primm. Check out the other contenders here. Which on is your favorite?


  1. Good job on the fabric finds. I love corduroy myself. It's one of my faves. I think because I like the texture of it. And I love that Alice in Wonderland fabric too.

  2. I am such a huge fan of your beautiful work! I love your dolls, your satchels, absolutely EVERYTHING you touch is beautified! Keep up the good work, I am excited to follow along with your blog!!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial link, and I love that Alice In Wonderland fabric too. :)